Monday, June 28, 2010

Flour Power

Have you ever read the ingredients of everything you eat before you eat it?

I'm in that zone this week. It's day one of flour free in the macrobiotic zone. No white or wheat flour, no baked grain. The bulk of my diet is now rice, quinoa and millet. I have rice soaking now to cook tomorrow night for dinner.

Dinner tonight was some roast and fresh peas and corn. Tomorrow it's rice and black beans and veggies. Gotta get used to planning meals and cooking ahead. I'm getting there.

I'm also starting now to incorporate more macrobiotic recipes and foods into my diet. I had Polenta for dinner last night, whcih was interesting. Holly and Brigid gave me some other polenta suggestions so I'm going to try it again this week.

I will say just in one day of not eating flour or processed breads I feel a difference... it's weird. The book warned me about different detox through every phase of making the macrobiotic switch.

Also... jumped back on the treadmill tonight. Got a good run in, got really sweaty and gross.

I know, I'm making you all jealous of my sweaty beauty.

Back to the doctor tomorrow for more lab work... so they can take vials of blood and see if my platelets are back.

Think good thoughts dearies.

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  1. I was a vegan in high school (I know, right) and I used to spend hours in the grocery store reading the labels of everything I touched. My parents wouldn't shop with me; they'd drop me off and come back later. It still takes me at least an hour and a half to shop because I read so many labels. Not because of my diet; just because I'm crazy.