Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kicking Ass and Losing Weight

A few weeks ago I signed up to take a self defense class. Mainly cause I want to feel less vulnerable when I'm out and about after dark... and partly because I wanted to pretend to be Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210.

Remember when she and Donna took a class after Kelly stole Dylan from her and she pretended the bad guy was Kelly? So much cheesy drama to love.

So back to my class. It was me and some gal pals from the Station and we took the class at Relentless Training Concepts ( and spent the majority of it learning about avoiding dangerous situations, signals when acquaintances could be dangerous, etc.

It was education and highly interesting, but we all really got into it when we got to get phsyical. First we learned the proper techniques on the big bags, open palmed hitting, elbows and knees.

I tend to throw my hair in braided pigtails to workout and in this class it became an easy tool to show how douchebags who attack women can grab them... it also made it easy for me to practice my excellent elbow toss.

Hitting the bag was pretty awesome. I got in cardio and got out some agression. I kind of want to take a boxing class now.

The final of the class was to get past the bad guy. We each did it twice and it was awesome. The guy was in the big rubber suit, screaming insults at us as we yelled back and tried to manuever away from him.

I took a sick joy in getting him on his back as I punched and kicked at him before jumping around him and away from the danger zone. It was a lot of fun and really exciting and educational.

Here's our group... channeling "Charlie's Angels."

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