Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Be Fooled...

Appearances mean a lot. Nine times out of ten people will decide what they think about you upon first glance, no waiting for you to speak or do anything to sway them.

For instance, if you were to see me on the street you'd see my Alice in Wonderland hair, most likely one of my spoiled dogs on the leash and assume I was a sweet, mothering young woman. Then I'd open my mouth and drop five f-bombs and call my dog a little bitch. So you'd be wrong.

Also wrong was the most recent personal trainer I used. About 5 years ago I used the last of my student loan money to pay a trainer to help me lose my college weight. He was awesome, a former marine who whipped me into the best shape of my life.

We finished our sessions, and I kept it up for awhile. Then the gym unexpectedly closed, my schedule got wonky and working out regularly became a thing of the past.

So when the weight inevtiably came back I hired a trainer at the new gym I joined, thinking I'd have another positive experience.

That did not happen, instead of a trainer who busted my ass into shape I got a trainer who seemed surprised I was capable of the simplest exercises.

I'd get my ass out of bed at 5 in the morning to meet the trainer to work out and she'd give me workouts that barely did anything. She asked me to do a plank once and was amazed I could hold it for the alotted time.

You see she looked at me and saw a fat girl. To her fat=lazy. It didn't matter that I was active and ready to get in shape again. She gave me workouts that she thought would be suited to me because I wasn't in shape. When it turned out I was in shape, just had a nice layer of fat I needed to burn off she was lost.

After my initial purchase I stopped using the trainer and eventually left the gym for awhile.

Now I'm at a different gym and taking classes to tone up and an elliptical to lose the weight.

And so far... I haven't had anyone else I've worked with act like just because I'm a Fat Ass, I'm a lazy ass.


  1. People I workout with are always surprised by my abilities as well. Apparently my strength is not stereotypical woman's man strength. I'm totally strong on top. Wow...that last sentence could so mean something else entirely.

  2. I love every way that sentence can be interpreted.