Friday, August 20, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I was out for drinks and appetizers with two of my favorite ladies the other night and over our chokes and cheese, fried pickles and beers we started talking about location.

First, it was just a discussion over how Tulsa breaks down into segments (North, South, East, Midtown) but it made me start thinking about how location comes into play in fitness levels.

I've visited other cities where people park in one spot, then spend the whole day walking, to work, lunch on errands, etc. There are parts of Tulsa that allow that more than others. I don't live in that spot.

For me to pick up food, coffee anything really (except go to work, I'm like a 5 minute walk from work) I have to get in my car. There's also the Hades like heat that means if i did try to walk or bike anywhere I'd be a sweaty mess when I got there.

I'm also not in a location that's really convenient for hitting the gym. The very first gym I joined was about three blocks from my house in a strip center. It was cheap, open 24 hours and I used it constantly. You could have bounced quarters off my ass back then.

So I had to suck it up and realize I'd have to commute to hit the gym. So I picked one in South Tulsa (not my usual locale) because it had the best class schedule for me and suck it up and spend extra time in the car. It's not that bad. Gives me more time to sing along to Brit Brit in the car.

There is a benefit for not living within walking distance of the yummy restaurants downtown, or on Brookside or on Cherry Street... I'm less likely to hop in my car and drive to get whatever I'm craving. Like now I really want some gelato from Mod's, but I'd have hunt for my keys and purse then drive across town. So instead I'm laying here typing this up.

But location can also be bad. Like the other day I was at the gym and I'd been sweating my ass off on the elliptical and when I left, sweaty and exhausted, all I could smell as I walked to my car was delicious onion rings.

Yeah... a damn Bakers Street Pub opened next door to the gym. It took all my wilpower to not run in and order something greasy and delicious to go.



  1. you said asshats. my new favorite word. thank you!

  2. I used to go to Gold's too & HATED it when I would leave and walk past that restaurant!