Monday, August 16, 2010

Training for Combat

A few months ago I took a self defense class and it was awesome. I loved the punching bag, the kicking and most importantly the yelling curse words at my faux attacker.

So, when my gym offered a trial class of Body Combat I was pretty excited to try it out and see if I got the same rush from the violence.

Saturday morning I was up and at em and en route to the gym by 8:30, missing my weekly run to the farmer's market... but for a good cause.

I knew one of my fave twitterers was teaching the class, the lovely Allison, so I finally got to meet her in person and then proceeded to embarass myself in front of her thoroughly.

You see I have the coordination of a newborn foal. I'm all crooked knees and jiggly bits. Have I told you about the time I broke my nose in ballet class? I was 10.

Now, instead of doing plies I'm trying to coordinate punch combinations and kicks... not successfully. Thanksfully I did not bust my ass in class. I did get lost in the movements sometimes... standing awkwardly until I can find the rhythm. By the way have I told you how I don't have rhythm?

So picture an awkward fat girl trying to punch and kick her way along with pop songs. Also worth noting that during the shuffle and scissor steps I had to hold my jiggliest bits, to keep myself from blacking my own eyes with my breasts. I'll wait while you laugh. Hell, I giggled at myself.

Despite my ineptitude the class was a lot of fun, I worked up a good sweat and felt more powerful from all my punching and kicking. Not to mention the fact that my shoulders and glutes were sore within hours... so the embarassing parts of the workout were definitely worth it.

Next week I'm thinking about trying a Zumba class... my lack of rhythm should be awesome in that class.

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