Thursday, September 9, 2010


Forgive me dears, I'm on a much needed break from work and my inspiration almost left my brain... so no blog posts lately. I will remedy it.

But now, I have a few words about being fat. You see I went to visit a new doctor (not a physician, but a specialized doctor for a specific issue) and he decided it was time to lecture me about being fat.

1st he pointed out the health problem I was seeing him for could have been caused by gaining weight, I said yes that's something I'm working on. His response? Well you should watch what you eat and exercise. Really? I never thought of that... he also told me to check out Weight Watchers. Gee, Thanks.

I understand pointing out weight could be causing a health problem, but that's the end of the conversation. I am so sick of people seeing an overweight person and think they eat horrible and they're lazy.

Obviously I like to eat, but I also work my ass off at the gym and am trying to lose weight. For a condescending doctor to look at me and see a lazy person without asking me questions is rude.

Yes I need to lose weight, yes I've had too many cookies in the past, but your job is to focus on your specialty and make sure there's not a serious health issue. I didn't look at you and suggest you get a nose job, but you have a bird like nose. So there.


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