Friday, October 29, 2010

Craving v. Hunger

I've learned a lot about cravings since I started this journey.  I'll be sitting at my desk or at home and just randomly want something to eat.  Yesterday it was falafel.  It took all my willpower not to drive somewhere for falafel for lunch.

But I've learned to skip the cravings as much as I can.  Now if from two days from now I still can't get falafel out of my mind then I'll head to Cafe Semana for lunch next week... but for now I'll have my protein and veggie meal to quench my hunger.

One thing that helped was pinpointing the difference between craving and hunger.   You have to get to know your body... are you thinking of pizza so that's why you want it or is your stomach growling? 

One of my go to blogs has this convenient way to break down the difference:
Fit Sugar: Craving v. Hunger

Take a look at it and make some changes to your diet.  I've started drinking a glass of water when I feel hungry... if the water fills me up then I'm probably just thirsty not hungry.  If it doesn't than I probably need to eat something. 

Sometimes... and this is probably not healthy... I'll wait till I'm so hungry I don't care what I eat as long as I get something in my stomach.  That will help me ignore any cravings and just eat whatever healthy option I put together. 

What about you? Any tricks you use to ignore those pizza cravings?

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