Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Running Plan...

So I've got like a month till the Route 66 Marathon and I need to be able to run 3.7 miles.  My goal is to not walk any of my leg like I have in previous years.

WIth that in mind I started a new method to get running ready.  I set my alarm for 30 minutes, load up my pandora iphone app and take off.

As soon as the first song starts I run as fast as I can, as long as I can... then walking till the next song starts.  Everytime the song changes I do the same thing, sprint as long and fast as I can then walk till the next song.

Repeat for 30 minutes.

This method took me around the track at Terrace park two and a half times and left me sweaty, red faced and pooped.  But it was totally worth it.  No my sprints weren't the fastest or longest, but I did them. 

I ran till my legs ached and my breathing was ragged and I've never felt more powerful.

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