Friday, October 29, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries

So if you know me you know I have a picture in my house that's haunted. 

Specifically this one:
Isn't she pretty?  It's from when she was 18.  I think she looks like Molly Ringwald, she got mad when I said that cause she doesn't think Molly is pretty.  Whatevs.

So the picture sits on my dresser and faces the front.  But when I wake up in the morning it will be turned to the left. Every. Day.  Without fail.

I long ago decided it was my Pops.  You see the room that's now my bedroom was his bedroom and also the room he died in 10 years ago.  So, I think he comes and visits Mems' picture and watches over me.

That's the only reason I'm not freaking the fuck out about my room being haunted. 

So tonight my BFF Adam needed a haunted house to investigate for a Halloween story, I said yes... here's the results:
Tulsa Ghosthunters
Happy Halloween!

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