Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eating Healthy at Hooter's

Time for another installment of Primmer's Quest to be tuxedo slim by his March wedding... he's making some serious headway.. but hit a few walls this week.
Week 2 is now under my belt and I'm still doing good. I only lost 3 pounds this week, but it put my total up to 9 lbs, so I'm still moving in the right direction.

The only hard part was during elections. The reporter I was working with and I went to Hooters for dinner (it was right next to our hotel), not my first choice of places, but considering there was a Sonic next to that, and that the only option, that was the best choice.

I was able to find something good to eat to stay in line with my new habits, a philly cheese steak with chicken instead of beef and I didn't eat the bread. It was good and I felt good afterwords, no regrets.

I am was a little discouraged by only losing 3 lbs this week, but I have done this before and I know I always seem to lose more in the first week than the second or third. Especially when I am trying to build muscle, my muscles will grow in accordance with my weight loss and I won't notice a difference in weight until about the 4th week. But some of my clothes fit better and I feel good, so that is a better indication than the scale.

My eating habits have been the same and I feel really good. I haven't had any sweets, even though Halloween provided a lot of candy around work.

I have had a dark chocolate covered frozen banana, and that was really good and hit the spot. The dark chocolate is so much better than the milk chocolate, and the banana is very healthy. A tasty and healthy alternative to ice cream, and other sugary sweets.

Even though I have been getting up at 6 in the morning to work out, I feel like I have a lot of energy throughout the day. I have been hitting the weights a little more and I upped my daily run mileage to 1.25 miles and on the last day I ran 1.5 miles. I can really tell a difference already but I know I have a long way to go and I just need to keep a nice steady pace and I will hit the finish line ahead of schedule.

9 pounds off and 56 left to go, and 18 weeks left to do it. So far so good, bring on week 3!
~Primmer totally makes me feel like a schlep.

Update!  Here's the Primster Before... photo by Taylor Lumsden.

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