Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Male Perspective

I know you all love to read about me bitching and whining about working out and eating right... but ladies aren't the only ones fighting the battle of the bulge.

So, when I talked to my friend Aaron Primmer about his fight to lose weight before his upcoming wedding... I had an idea.  Seriously, you could see a light bulb go on over my head. 

Here is Aaron's story:
I am 28-years old and have reached the second highest weight of my life.. 245 lbs.

I have always been plagued by weight since I was 7. It is always easy for me to gain, but takes a lot of work to lose it. I have lost over 60 pounds on two different occasions and I hope this will be the third and final time. I am getting in shape for my wedding in March... and hopefully for the rest of my life.

It is tough to get out of bed at 7 in morning, but the treadmill is a calling. The first week I only run 1 mile each day I workout and cool down by walking at least a half mile. Then, I usually get on the elliptical machine and do another 30 minutes, trying to keep my heart rate under 135 bps to help maximize my weight loss potential (Luckily my apt complex gym has a TV and no one is there so I watch CNN or ESPN, whichever I feel like).

After I get done with that I will go over and do some weight work. I work on my pecs, my back, biceps and my abs. I think the first week you have to start off easy and I don't want to burn out too quick, so I lift lighter amounts but do at least 50 reps of each thing.

My eating habits are always hard to control. I want so badly to come home from work at night and eat a pb&j sandwich or something sweet... I think I need to sometimes. But I know I shouldn't, so I have stopped eating anything after I get home from work. Instead I eat during the day and cut myself off after I finish the lunch I bring to work.

I have cut out all sugars, except for those in fruits and vegetables, and have cut out most of my empty carbs. I still eat some bread (whole wheat), and wheat thins. Luckily, I enjoy tuna a lot and it is a great source of protein. I can eat 2 cans in one sitting and get over 60 grams of protein. I try to intake at least 100g of protein a day, to maximize my muscle building abilities. I have also been supplementing protein shakes into my diet, the chocolate one of course, it satisfies my sweet tooth. I mix it with milk and 2 scoops and can gain over 60g of protein and get my calcium in.

I think it is also important to keep track of my endeavors. I made an excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my workout time, distance ran, distance walked, and weekly weights. I think this helps keep you more accountable, and to see the progress that I make. I also only weigh myself once a week, so I don't get caught up in the day to day number. I can just focus on my workout.

So far it has gone great! I have been hitting it hard and in the first week I have already lost 6 lbs, and can feel my muscles starting to take shape. I will gradually work my way up to 1.25 miles a day and increase my workout to 90 minutes each time. All I have to do is keep telling myself I can do it and it will be done.

Next week I won't be long winded, but I had to get the back story and basics out of the way.

~Dudes, Aaron is hardcore with his excel sheets and special formulas.  Hope you're all as excited as I am to see his progress!

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  1. Just a note - your body can only take in about 30-35 grams of protein per sitting to digest. Anything extra, is just a waste.