Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful Links

If you ever wonder where I get some of my healthy inspiration... I have a few different websites I peruse for guidance and advice.  

So here's a few of mine and a few of guest blogger Amanda's fave spots to check for healthy news.

Fit Sugar -this site has both healthy recipes and exercise advice... and they do a round up of healthy articles from across the web every week.

Fitnessista - More workout advice and motivation for those days when the elliptical or treadmill make me want to stab things. This is also on Amanda's list; her reasons: The first healthy living blog I started reading regularly. Gina is very inspirational – a personal trainer and a self-described “quasitarian”. She eats fish, like me, but no meat. Good fitness training plans and playlists.

Vegging Out In T-Town - I get a lot of guidance and idea about eating healthy from Brigid's blog.  Her recipes and links are mainly vegan or vegetarian and for the most part pretty simple to put together.  Sometimes when I'm trying to decide what to make for dinner I'll just jump on her site and browse what she's made recently and pick something new to try.

Here's Amanda's links:
Oh She Glows – Angela blogs about her journey from eating disorders to health. She is a vegan, and posts tons of great recipes.
Ms. Bitchcakes - Reminds me a lot of Kate, actually. She’s very spunky and determined. She lost about 80 pounds through Weigh Watchers, and her eating recommendations have been very helpful to me. Each week, she blogs her thoughts on the W.W. meeting topic. She also leads a very active lifestyle now, after not exercising at all, and makes you feel like if she can do it, you can too.

Hundred Push Ups – It’s great to have a goal, and this 100 push-up challenge program will help you every step of the way. I’ve started, and thought I’m only on the second week, I can already see a steady increase in my abilities and strength. There is also a link to the 200 crunch challenge!

What about you dear readers... what fitness or healthy eating sites help you stay on task?

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  1. OOH that 100 Push ups thing looks neat. It speaks to the part of me that really likes the idea of couch to 5k.