Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Running Notes

In honor of tomorrow's Route 66 Marathon... here's some more notes from my runs last week.  Tomorrow Robyn, Adam and I will hit the starting line and do our best to finish without dying.

~Adding a mile to your daily run is more exhausting then you'd think.  I had to come home and lay in the floor about 10 minutes to stop feeling lightheaded and wheezy. 

~When you're struggling through an interval and see a bird of prey circling- run faster.

~Journey 'Don't Stop Believin' is the perfect final run song.  Especially when you sing while running, apologies to those nice people with the baby and the dog who had to listen.  Also apologies to Julie who hates all things Journey.

~Adding a mile to your run will also make your ass cramp in the last leg if you're like me.  This makes you run like a chicken.  A sweaty, singing chicken.

~When you're laying in the floor resting your dogs will lick the sweat off your forehead.  You'll be too tired to stop them.

~Lady Gaga songs are also fun to sing/scream while running.  But when you run on a Saturday afternoon there are much more people to hear you then at 6 in the morning on Wednesday.

~I actually timed myself this time and it broke down to about 12 minute miles... which is about 3 minutes faster than the last time I timed myself.  Go me. 

~When you're injured you'll find yourself missing your daily runs more than you thought was possible... Seriously  I was so much bitchier without my runs.  I'll be glad when my neck is all fixed.

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