Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Pantry Cleanse...

So I emptied my pantry to get it ready for the cleanse... by putting you know healthy stuff in to it... so here's my starting point.

Two prime shelves right next to the fridge... but what to put inside?

Look at my pretty jars!
 I'm anal, so instead of having random boxes and bags of grain I keep them in labeled canning jars.  That's brown rice, millet, quinoa and oatmeal.  There's one for corn for airpopping too. 

I have more grain in the back pantry.
I love rice.  That's 3 other kinds.  I'm weird.

Then it's the fixins-

Sea Salt and Flax Seed- for oatmeal and smoothies.

Veggie Broth to cook rice in for a little flavor.
A tabouli mix to keep me from screwing it up.
Add in honey, almond and peanut butter... almonds... and tea.  Oh god the tea.

This is in addition to the 3 boxes in my desk at work.
Then you have my finished pantry-
Now, I'm working on my list of veggies/fruits to stock up on Saturday.. and looking for recipes to make for the cleanse.

I'll be ready damnit.


  1. The thing that would most difficult for me is the roomate factor. My roomates(including b/f) love sweets and pop and popscicles. I have a hard time turning that down when they are in my house. Hopefully this spring one roomate will move out and then it will be easier for the both of us to eat healthier.

    Good luck on your journey and I hope you post some recipes!

  2. Will def post recipes. It's going to be hard with Mems not giving up the same stuff I am... but I'm hoping my willpower holds out.