Friday, November 19, 2010


So I haven't hit the track since my three mile run last Saturday.  I woke up Monday without the ability to move my neck, breathe or even sit up. 

Thanks to this I sleep weird and jacked my neck and shoulder all up.  I got diagnosed in May and after a month of adjustments at the Chiro (who I love) I was good to go for a while.  Stretches and an attempt to stop sleeping all curled up with my arm akimbo over my head... and it was okay.

Then it started hurting last week and I kept stretching and ignored it till my Monday morning of immense pain.  So now I'm two adjustments in and feeling much better.  My goal is to get a run in tomorrow, Body Pump on Saturday and then be ready to go Sunday morning for the Route 66 Marathon.

But it's been a bitch not feeling up to working out.  I feel gross and sluggish, but I know it was best for my body to take a break.  I just hope I won't be too out of it when I start working out again.

How do you guys deal with being sidelined from working out?

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  1. I was sidelined for 2 weeks when I had the flu. It was horrible. But even when I thought I might be getting better, I didn't want to push it. Turned out to be a nice rest for me. Who knew! Hope you're feeling better.