Friday, September 2, 2011

All My Single Ladies...

As previously mentioned I went in for my yearly check up a couple of weeks ago.

My doctor and I have a strange relationship.  She's been Mems' doctor since I was litttle and my doctor since I became too grown up for my awesome pediactrician (Dr. Knippers FTW) so she kind of acts like a surrogate mother to me sometimes.  By that I mean meddling and judgemental in an attempt to be helpful.

Last year it was about my weight, this year about my love life.  She's bothered that I'm single.

I've never really been bothered that I'm single. I mean one day I want to find someone to be the Pops to my Mems; the Coach to my Mrs. Taylor.. but should I be bothered that I'm single? 

I've never been a serial dater... in my younger and thinner days I dated my share of awkward boys, but as I started putting on weight I stopped really dating much.  Partially because my self-esteem took a nose dive, partially because I can honestly never tell I'm being hit on unless they just come out and say it.

Much like Josh Lyman... my love life mainly consists of me accidentally dating people.  (If you get that reference then you can be my best friend -and I know my real life bestie totally got that reference.))

So maybe there's some truth in my doc's meddling.  Maybe weight be damned I should get out there and start dating more... my Coach could be in a Tulsa bookstore reading a political biography waiting for me right now.

Or I could weight for Jason Segel to realize I'm his soul mate and come sweep me off my feet.


  1. Love the Lyman reference! If you want to date, date. If you don't, don't - how is that for helpful?

  2. Well there is a Zoosk ad now at the bottom of this post.

  3. Nicole-I think that's totally my philosophy.

    So no Zoosk for me Carissa.

  4. The West Wing ftw! Men are wonderful except when they're a hassle, so I'm totally with Nicole on this one. Josh's accidental dating strategy ultimately worked out, right?