Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boosting Metabolism

My metabolism sucks.  Like really sucks.

I blame my horribly unhealthy high school and college eating habits.  Going days at a time on nothing by Diet Coke, saltines and carrots may keep you thin in the moment... but eventually it will catch up.  I'm proof.

So, now I'm doing everything I can to get it back on track. 

I spotted this article on Health.com and found some things I'm already doing... and new things to add in to my routine.

Like- Intervals- I already do this with my running.  I'm working on increasing my speed so I run in interval sprints already.  Now I also know this will "will help you consume more oxygen and make your cell powerhouses, the mitochondria, work harder to burn energy."

Omega Three I get in a supplement because I'm not really a fish eater at all.

Muscles- We all know about my obsession with Body Pump.  Turns out the more muscle the more fat you burn.  So I'll keep at the weights.

Green Tea- Totally addicted.  I even have this adorable mug I got at Old Navy I use for my daily 3pm Tea Break.  I'm currently drinking green tea with lemongrass. I don't come close to drinking the suggested amount... but drinking it at 3 keeps me from hitting the vending machine for my Twix addiction.

Eating Breakfast- this is hard for me because I HATE eating breakfast.  I've found a smoothie or half a serving of oatmeal work best for me. Both are filling and nutritious but not too heavy.  But it's really hard for me to eat before I workout in the morning so sometimes I'll just start with some stringcheese to get the metabolism going.

Going organic- I've talked about this before... I started eating cleaner because of my autoimmune disease and now I can't imagine going any other way.  It helps me eat more veggies and my platelets are still good (knock on wood.)

Eat more protein- I'm addicted to string cheese, peanut butter, falafel and hummus.  If I snack it's a protein snack. Turns out it could burn more calories to digest protein than other foods.  So win!

So I'm hoping all the stuff I've been doing is going to keep boosting up my metabolism... we'll see if the gut keeps shrinking.

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