Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleanse Preps

I told Mems I was doing a 21 day cleanse and her response was "You won't last 21 minutes."  Her faith in me is inspiring I know.

But I'm really going to do it... so now is the prep work. 

First things first I'm eating all the sugar and gluten products currently in the house... so they won't be tempting to me when they're off limits.  Man I'm loving this part of the prep work.

I'm also gathering my healthy foods and getting the kitchen ready.  I'll be taking lots of pics of my new cleanse cabinet soon.. so be on alert for that. 

Menu Planning is also on the horizon.  The best way for me to stay on top of the cleanse is definitely going to be having a set plan of what I can and can't eat and food made and ready to go.

I've never been a big planner... it's my way of rebelling against my very structured profession... so any advice for planning 21 days worth of meals?


  1. I can help you go gluten free! I cannot however offer any sage wisdom on planning anything of any kind. Sorry.

    Julie Cones Jones

  2. Awesome Julie. I'll definitely need meal ideas. Hitting the library tonight for guidance.