Monday, December 27, 2010

Time for the Cleanse

So it's on bitches.  I'm cleansing this bitch. 

Starting the first of January I'm going to start with the Quantum Cleanse.  Now that I've read through the book a few times.  It's basically going macrobiotic but a little more extreme.  I'll really miss caffeine.

It's no animal products, alcohol (farewell my sweet vodka), caffeine, gluten, sugar.

I've been a little too lenient on my diet this holiday season, not skipping my faves at the parties and imbibing many of my favorite wine and vodka drinks.  So 21 days of cleaning my body out.

This cleans will coincide with my first month on Weight Watchers... so hopefully together I can kick start myself back into healthy eating.

Now I'm going to finish my Bitch wine and keep watching the chefs on Top Chef be much better chefs than I will ever be.

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