Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Checking In On Primmer...

Before we get to our resident male's weekly check in... let's take a look at his progress so far.

Here's Primmer before his quest.

And about a month in to it.
 Now.... let's see how his journey is going...

So week 7 was not a great week for me. I went running around Lafortune park and afterwards my left Achilles tendon really hurt. I guess I'm not used to running outside. I fractured that ankle when I was in 8th grade playing baseball and it's never been the same. So that put me out for this week. \

The good news is that I only gained a couple of pounds, so I'm not too far off track.

My eating habits are still doing good, no sugars and I still eat a lot of tuna. So that part is still good for me.

So week 7 was kinda a wash, so hopefully week 8 will be better. I might try and ease back into it since my ankle still kinda hurts and I don't want to hurt myself too bad.

I'm a big believer in not pushing yourself harder than your body will allow, even if that means taking a couple steps back. Eventually you'll be able to take a lot of steps forward in the future.

Let's see where week 8 takes me.

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