Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's Talk About Calves

I love boots.  I recently tested myself and wore a different pair of boots every work day for 3 weeks.  Yes, I had enough boots to do it.  So, I love boots.

But I have a problem.  You see, I have big calves.  Seriously, my calves keep me from buying 2/3rds of the cute boots I try on.  Over the knee boots?  Adorable, but they won't go past my calves. Cute suede black knee highs?  Won't zip past the calves.  While my wallet is okay with this, my fashion soul cries.

So how do I get my calves to shrink down?  I turned to google.

Three different sites recommended walking instead of running and stretches like Pilates and Yoga.  Both can lengthen the muscles while still toning them.  One article actually suggested not wearing heels, which is ridiculous.  What's the point of having calf muscles at all if not to wear heels?

So instead I'm going to keep up my running, but start adding pilates leg work in after, to lengthen my bulky legs.  All in hopes of buying more boots.

What are your trouble areas you want to perfect?

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  1. I feel the exact way about boots, except I can't do heels regardless. As a basketball player and runner, I've always had big muscular calves that don't bode well with boots, but after two years of searching (and husband's begging), I found a cute pair (on sale) at Piperlime. The secret is the adjustable elastic panel that allows the leather to stretch, but it's not such an eyesore. Look for boots with the stretchy panel!