Thursday, January 20, 2011

The number game...

So let's talk numbers.

As you know on January 1st I started a cleanse (because I'm so the Tulsa answer to Gwyneth Paltrow) and I joined Weight Watchers.

The first week was awesome- I loved cooking and planning meals and felt great and I ended up losing 5.4 pounds.

Then last week was okay.  I got really busy at work, and while I did resist temptation I got a little lazy with my cooking. 

I picked up falafel dinner too often or ate a baked potato or sweet potatos for dinner too many nights in a row.  I also drank too much tea and not enough water.

So I have one more week on the cleanse and I'm going to rectify that... clean up the diet... and get back on the treadmill.

FOX23 finally launched in HD so my late night and weekends working are over... and I can focus again on getting superhot.

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