Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Treadmill

So I have about 3 weeks to go until the St. Patrick's Day 5k I signed up to run.  And while I'm plugging along on my interval training... up to 4/1 on the treadmill I haven't actually run a whole 5k in a very long time.

So Sunday I decided to load up the ipod and hit the gym for a 5k on the treadmill.  I plugged The Clash, Kanye West and P!nk for my ear candy.  Filled up a liter bottle of water and hit the gym.

After my 5 minute walking warm up I jumped the speed to my current pace (4mph which is a 15 minute mile-slow for most, fast for me) and started doing a 4 minute interval.

Then I talked to a friend while running and before I knew it I'd been running 6 minutes.  My legs were still okay so I kept going.  I ended up running 10 minutes before slowing back down for 2 minutes of walking.  Then I tried it again.

Another 10 minutes of running and another brief walk ... a total of 3 intervals... I got a little daring with the last 5 minutes.  I walked half and ran the last 2.5 minutes a MPH faster than I'd been running all along.

When the 45 minutes was up I was drenched in sweat, smelly and had a face as red as a beet... I didn't make it an entire 5k in my 45 minute goal... but I got 2.75 miles down... and felt like a rockstar.

Of course then I decided to kill myself with a kettle bell class.  But that's another blog.

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