Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend of Pain

One of my goals last weekend was to run a 5k.  On the treadmill, not out on a trail, my allergies are in haywire mode.

Then I told a friend I'd try a kettle bell class with him.  Oh and I also went to Body Pump.  Oh and I went out drinking.  I'm hurting.

First up was Body Pump with a fill in instructor.  Now I love my normal Saturday morning instructor Megan, but I feel like I was more sore this week after working with a different one.  It may just be that I'm used to class one day and every instructor puts their own spin on things. 

So I did Body Pump and later Saturday night put on my fave shoes... seriously awesome platform strappy stilettos and went out.  By the time I left the bar at 1 my legs were killing me.

Naturally that means that Sunday I got up and cleaned house all morning than ran nearly a 5k before trying Kettle Bells for the 1st time (both of which will get their own blogs) . About 5 hours after I left the gym the soreness kicked in... I'm walking like a rickety old lady.

So basically I kicked my own ass this weekend.  I better see some results fast.

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