Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My True Love

So since I went vegan I've missed a few things.  Specifically cheese and by that extension pizza.

You see I totally love pizza.  I could eat it every day.  I've ranked various pizza places throughout Tulsa based on strict pizza criteria. 

To not be able to eat pizza was almost a mortal wound.

Until Mems became my savior.  She spotted a Tofurky Vegan pizza on sale in the Akin's ad a few weeks ago.

So I made it.

Let me tell you readers... it was delicious. The tofu pepperoni was extra spicy and the soy cheese was melty... crispy crust.  Dudes, I'm making myself hungry.

It hit my pizza craving perfectly and had half the fat/calories  I actually just had it again the other night.

I'm only allowed to have it once a month... cause I'm a pizza-aholic and that's not pretty.

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