Monday, March 14, 2011

The Run-Update with my correct time.

So I had my first official 5k of the year.  The St. Patrick's Day 5k for Special Olympics.

If you remember the St. Pat's run was also my first 5k.

So I signed up to do it again.  It was the first of my goal of a 5k a month.  I started training and set my goal at finishing in 45 minutes. 

Yes I know that's slow.  I'm a slow runner, suck it.  I wanted to do 15 minute miles. 

My friends Robyn and Bernadette did the run with me and they both went much faster than I did.  They're awesome like that.

I had my mp3 loaded up with my current preferred playlist of The Clash and Kanye and we took off. 

If you remember from my last pretend 5k I was up to 10 minute intervals on the treadmill, but I know the pavement is harder to run on so I wasn't really sure how it was going to go. 

I ended up running the first three Clash songs before I took my first walking break.  But I couldn't keep that up the whole time.

So I alternated running one song and walking the next song and I walked up the hill that was part of the route because of my bum knee.  And I just kept going. 

I beat my slow goal by about 90 seconds and my legs don't hurt, well my hips hurt a bit but I think that's from switching to the pavement off the treadmill.  I totally like the treadmill better but I'm going to start training outside now that it's nice.

Here's me and my girls post run-

Aren't my green pants cute?

So I also picked my next run and I'm starting the pavement training in the AM.

Here's my run if anyone else is interested-
Osteopathic Scrub Run

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