Monday, March 7, 2011

Oscar Barbie and Prom Kate

When watching the Academy Awards I saw Reese Witherspoon come out and said 'She's Oscar Barbie!"
Then I said, "Hey!  She's wearing my prom dress!"
People I was with scoffed.. but then my phone started buzzing with people calling to tell me Reese was wearing my prom dress. 
Here's proof-

The only diff... my dress had a fuller skirt.  Me and Reese two peas in the pod.

BTW- I hate Reese Witherspoon, just in general.  She's perky and annoying.  Mems and I once fought because she said I didn't like Reese because we were so similar.  I was perky and blonde too. 

I almost threw something when she called me perky.  I'd rather she'd have called me a republican than perky.

I'm dark and twisty.  Not perky.

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