Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winning & Losing

So I had a couple of small weight gains a couple weeks ago.  They were disheartening but I persevered and re-doubled my efforts. 

It was weird to me.  I had this thought in my head that I would lose a ton of weight just by eating vegan.  No meat, dairy or cheese... I imagined the weight would just melt off.  It did not.

The first month I lost about 10 pounds but then I had the little gains that bummed me out.  So I had to start working on it again.  Lots of water, less snacking and upping the workouts.

And when I weighed in at the WW meeting last week... I was down 5.8 pounds.  Almost a whole Molly.

It was a good lesson.  I can't just stop eating certain foods and think my body will change.  I need to keep working, keep counting points, keep making healthy food choices.

This turning into a Skinny Bitch thing is hard.

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