Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workout Buddies

Were your ears burning Monday night dear readers?

You see I was talking about you.  All of you.  Only good things I promise.

The focus of this week's Weight Watcher meeting was all about finding workout buddies and people to hold you accountable on your journey to not be a fat ass. 

When she asked for exampes I brought up this blog... which keeps me from going on a binge and eating pounds of cheese and cake.  Well that and my pesky autoimmune disease and the selfish want to wear a two piece bathing suit again one day.

So I use you all to stay honest.  Hell I even tell you when I cheat.  Which I do, it's inevitable.  I have loose morals when I'm around chocolate.

So thanks dear readers... for keeping me on the track.

Make sure to check out the Fat Ass Facebook... for extra recipes and snark as I see fit to post.

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