Monday, April 11, 2011

Cooking with Seitan!

I'm branching out in the world of Vegan cooking.  I picked up some seitan at the grocery store to try this week.

This reminds me of a delightful quote from Buddy Garrity on Friday Night Lights- "Seitan?  What in the hell is that?"

It's a wheat meat substitute that's more meatlike than tofu.  I found lots of barbecue and stew recipes with it that I will definitely try.

Some quick googling and I decided to make some seitan stir fry.

I gathered fresh green beans, broccoli, carrots and zucchini and cooked them in olive oil and garlic.
I love green beans in stir fry. 

The seitan I bought was pre-cooked so I really just needed to cube it and toss it in to heat up.

Then I tossed in 1/2 cup of brown rice and a couple tablespoons of stir fry sauce.

It smelled delicious, I had both my dogs sitting in the kitchen floor whining at me for a taste.  I tossed it into my bowl and settled down to test it and was pleasantly surprised.

Now I haven't had meat since January, I've had a bit of cheese and yogurt in the vegan months, sometimes out of necessity when I'm out, sometimes out of weakness, but this seitan tasted pretty damn close to meat.

It gave my normal stir fry more oomph and kept me full because of the boost of protein. 

So I still have half a package of seitan to use.. will have to pick my next recipe.

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  1. That looks tasty. I'm not sure how quickly I would be to try this (well as in make it) but if I saw it somewhere or a friend made it - I'd totally check it out...