Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pi-Yo: Not a Frozen Vegan Treat

The other day I decided to speed across town and go to a class at the gym that started at 6:30.  It was cutting it close.  But I made it.

So I had my first Pi-Yo class... which is a pilates-yoga combination not a frozen vegan treat as my friend over at And So She Blogs thought (though now I want to create one just for her).

Try as I might the entire time I was thinking about the gloriousness of The O.C. and Peter "Eyebrows" Gallagher.  Behold this youtube gem-

The class was really good.  Lots of planks (which like the pansy I am I still do on my knees), downward dogs and stretches.  My poor sore back loved the class.  I think it popped 4 or 5 times during different poses.

It also felt really good on my sore running legs.  My IT band has been really sore on one side so it was nice to give it a really good stretch. 

After the class I felt stretched and relaxed and strong.  The next morning my legs were supersore in different spots than they are when I go running.  So when I tried to run with a friend today it did not happen.

Blerg to that.

On a fun note the instructor had us do the splits and holy hell I could almost still do them!

Fat and Bendy FTW!


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