Monday, May 16, 2011

Me and Carrie Fisher

I used to be a morning person.  I used to get up at 6 every day and get on the treadmill, get ready for work and run errands before I went in to the station.

Yeah, not so much anymore.  Now my alarm goes off at 6... and I change it to 6:30... then to 7:00... then I finally drag my ass out of bed and go straight to the shower.  I'd save my workout for afterwork... if I had the time and wasn't exhausted.

In the last few weeks this has led to a lot of missed runs.  Then I read this-

Carrie Fisher's Update in People Magazine

Now, it probably doesn't surprise any of you to know that I love Carrie Fisher for her verbose, sarcastic and witty prose.  Then she and I started a quest to lose weight at the same time and I considered her a sister in the weight loss journey.

When I saw that Carrie is up on the elliptical first thing every day just to get it over with and I said "Fuck it I can do that."

So the alarm went off at 6 last Wednesday and I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and headed to the park for my first run in 3 weeks. 

It was tough, I was tired but I made it through.. partially thanks to the older lady walking the opposite way around the track who would clap for me every time I passed her.

It gave me more energy and it helped me be in a better mood.

Which is good, because I've been told I'm really negative.  Even the most negative person some people have ever met.


  1. I find you very inspiring and have been following you on twitter for a while now and never thought you were negative.

  2. I prefer sarcastic witty bitch whom I relate to on many levels. xo

  3. Thanks! I think I'm negative in a funny way.