Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tour De Cure

So I did it.  I rode 10 miles last Saturday morning for the Tour de Cure. 

I didn't die in the middle of the ride and I raised 200 bucks for the American Diabetes Association.

It was the longest bike ride I've ever done.  I'd been training, but never gone more than about 7 miles at a time so I was a little nervous and I was concerned because I'd never ridden the route... but I took off with my pandora station set to Ke$ha and my water bottle loaded with cold water.

The first leg was down hill and great... then was the trek up a slight hill... which you know was so much fun (sarcasm)... and the majority of the trek was a pretty flat trail along riverside and through the neighborhood across from Riverside.

I made it all okay.  There were a few spots where I would start to feel like I was going to pass out.. which I blame on the fact that I do not eat before I work out.  I should have made an exception for a long ride.

Anyway I pushed through and kept going... eventually the only people behind me were fat kids.  But I wasn't riding to beat anyone but myself.

I was pretty proud of making it the entire way without walking at all... until I got to the hill that took us back into the neighbhorhood.  My knee could not take that motherfucker... so I walked it up the hill then finished up riding the rest of the way.

Then I had to haul the bike back to where I parked and drive home... but I was still feeling woozy so Mems was good enough to come and get me after I loaded my bike up and took me home to eat and shower so I wouldn't pass out.

It is worth noting that I lathered myself in SPF 50 before the race and still came away with about 700 more freckles than before.  My shoulders will soon be one large freckle.

Now I need something else to train for.  Ideas?

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  1. That's so awesome. Great job! I think seven miles was my longest ride, too. I would love to do a 10-miler, but I don't these my ancient bike (with one gear) could handle it. Or at least I couldn't on my ancient bike.

    I've always wanted to do a triathlon (or at least a mini one). First, I need to run a 5k. If you ever want a running buddy, hit me up. I might actually get off my ass if someone else is making me. :)