Friday, June 3, 2011


Wednesday, I had cheese.  It was amazing.

I made an exception to my vegan diet to go out to lunch with my girls.

It's come up before with other vegan and people who wonder about my cheats... I've basically been 80% vegan and 20% vegetarian since January

Meaning... I haven't had meat since New Year's Eve. But I've had dairy once or twice since then.  Not on a regular basis, but if I'm out with someone and I have no other food options I'll opt for the vegetarian one, even if it means eating a bit of cheese or dairy.  I'm not going to throw a fit or starve myself if the place doesn't have a vegan option. 

I will say at most places I've been I have not had a problem finding a vegan option.  My limitations have been few and far between, especially at locally owned places.

Other vegans have questioned this practice, and rightfully so I'm sure, but since I came about being vegan from a medical standpoint more than from a 'don't be cruel to animals' way of thinking makes it less of a struggle to stay 100% vegan.

That being said the fact that I'm not disgusted with meat and dairy, but merely avoiding it to make my immune system less crazy means that I really flippin' miss it. 

And by it I mean bacon.

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  1. Every once in a while a good serving of meat or dairy product is good for the body.