Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi Master!

So if you follow me on twitter then this next sentence won't surprise you... I am obsessed with vegan sushi.

I'm sure it's partly the heat and the partly cause it's delicious and one veggie roll is a perfect meal for my Weight Watchers points.

But it's costly and I'm but a poor journalist so I needed to get creative to feed my habit, I signed up for a class at Sage Culinary School.

Some of my classmates
 Then we learned about our instructor, who despite being a baby of just 23, has been making sushi since he was 16 including time spent studying in Japan. 

And the sushi lessons began... first learning about making the rice (short grain white rice, steamed and mixed with rice vinegar and sugar to make it sticky.)

I must note here that when the instructor told us to wash the rice before cooking someone in the class asked 'with what?' ... even I know just to wash it with water.  Win for me!

Then we started chopping and learning the proper way to slice the veggies for the roll structure, like a mini architecture lesson.  And we made ample use of the compost bowl (which I totally love that Sage does- I really want to get a composter)
Then the instructor did a couple of instructional rolls to show us the basics.  The class was making the California Roll, I just left the crab out of mine. 

Here's the show off instructors fancy plate:

Looks delicious right?
Then he set us loose to make our own rolls it is simple enough.

seaweed- rough side up
rice all the way to the end, pushed not mashed
ingredients a couple inches down the roll, then start.

Here's my first veggie sushi roll:

Isn't it pretty?
Then you have to have a really sharp knife to slice it into pieces... and plate it up.
The instructor even commented that mine looked really good!  I'm a sushi natural! 

But before I got to cocky the instructor was showing us an inside out roll that got a little complicated.

It's a caterpillar!
I'm not quite there yet.  Now I need to hit up the Asian market to get supplies so I can start making my own sushi!

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  1. That looks like fun! I've never made sushi before, but I'd love to try.