Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I Run...

Sunday I was hauling ass trying to run around the track at LaFortune.  I've got about a month to get trained to run a 6k and it's not going well.  My workouts lately have consisted of the elliptical, walking my dogs and Body Pump.  I'm getting my sweat on, but it's not running. 

So I'm basically starting from scratch with my running and about half a mile into my run I'm seriously contemplating quitting the marathon relay team and just saying fuck it.  But I persevered and ran one mile, which is better than nothing... and it made me think about why I run. 

Remember a month or so ago my pal Emily wrote this blog for me about running:
Why Emily Runs

So here's my version.
I started running to lose weight, now I'm still a fat ass but I'm still running.  There's something about hitting the treadmill or track by my house with my ipod on and just taking off.  I don't run far or fast and when I'm on the treadmill I usually just jog for time.  Hell there's some days where I start running and can't make it more than 5 minutes and end up walking the rest of the way, but the days I get the right pace and just run and run are the reason in the end I'll keep lacing up the shoes.

I feel my legs propelling me along, I feel powerful and free.  I don't worry about my jiggling fat, my bouncy boobs are whatever insane to do list I'm worrying about that day. Running and sweating frees my mind, frees my spirit for that half hour or so that I'm out there.  I think about the muscles in my legs getting stronger, I think about my arms propelling me ahead... those days I run till my lungs burn and my knee aches. 

When I stop, sweaty and gross with wobbly legs, I feel empowered and strong.  It's like no matter what happened that day or will happen that day I feel like I've done something big and good for me and nothing can bring me down.

So with that in mind I did not quit the marathon relay team.  I came home and iced my knee and re-committed myself to it.  I'll be back on the treadmill two mornings a week... and out on the trail this Sunday.  I may not be a thin runner or a pretty runner... but I'll be out there running my ass off... one step at a time.

If you want to join my special brand of craziness here's some running advice from real runners.
So, you want to be a runner...


  1. Saw your blog on twitter. :)

    It's definitely not about being a thin or pretty runner. It's about just doing it.

    I think it's fine you are doing Body Pump and the elliptical, as long as you keep running, too. You need to cross train.

    I am doing the 5.2 leg at the Route 66 relay and am nervous. But I basically run three times a week at different distances and speeds, cross train three times a week (elliptical, weights, play volleyball) and have one rest day. Hoping for the best.

    Good luck! You can do it! Just keep motivated! Picture those results!

  2. Thanks! I'm still pushing at it. Ran at the park by my house tonight. Still building up my speed and distance... but I'm hopeful.

  3. Saw your blog on Tasha Does Tulsa and loved this post! Keep up the great work; you are not alone!