Monday, September 26, 2011

Como se dice?

I was out to lunch with one of my besties the other day when we had a kind of awkward moment.

He started by saying I looked really good lately, and amended himself to say 'This sounds horrible but you look like you take up less room.' while making a hand motion to indicate I was narrower.  Basically he can tell I've lost weight.

Now I wasn't offended at all, let's be honest nothing really offends me, but it brought up an interesting point: How do you tell someone they look good because they lost weight?  It's like saying, "Hey you're less of a pig, good job!"

A friend from work merely exclaimed "Look at how skinny you are now!" at me one day when I walked into her office, she became my bestie for the day.

Mems tells me my gut appears to be getting smaller. 

For the record I except any method of speaking that means I'm less of a fat ass.


  1. Funny you should blog about this. I just got done reading this post about the same subject.