Friday, September 30, 2011

Boot Camp... week one

So my first week of boot camp is over. 

I'm sitting here sore in pretty much every muscle group, pooped from my new, earlier wake up time, and smelling of the BenGay I have on my sore left knee. But I'm toughing it out and getting tougher.

Once I got over dragging my lazy fat ass out of bed at 6 a.m. every day it's been pretty easy to get to class, the class isn't easy, but it hasn't been anything that I couldn't handle.  It's pushed me, made me use muscle groups I haven't been using in my running/body pump combo.  There was one day I pulled a calf muscle in class, but skipping one workout and using a bengay/ice pack combo and I'm fine.

Of course one week in is a bit too early to see physical results, but just going of my energy level, and my endurance boosts I'd say boot camp is a success.  

And before I forget... I had to get measured before my 21 day experiment began.  Even I was agog at my chest measurements, the girls are getting a bit ridiculous.

But I have 2 $50 gift cards to Fit Body Boot Camp so if you want to try out this new, crazy workout plan I'm on then guess what the girls measured.

Closes guesses win a card.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't even cashed in my own boot camp groupon yet, but I cannot turn down the opportunity to talk about your boobs.

    I will guess 40FF