Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slacking Off

I took all my vitamins today.  I also took my special vitamin C boost for my blood and took all three of the Omega 3 pills I'm supposed to take.  I bragged about this to Mems the other day and she yelled at me. 

"Why the hell don't you do that all the time?"  She yelled as I was mid-brag about eating spinach salad for an iron boost to thicken up my watery blood.  She was right.  I was playing catch up to take care of my blood after my latest trip to the doctor showed that my blood is shit again.

I admit I slacked off.  I stopped taking my vitamins all the time, I cheated on my diet.  I just got tired of being good.

But look at it- I've had this fucked up blood disease 10 years now and I go back and forth with experimental treatments that work and don't work, doctors that can't predict what my blood will do or why my platelets rise and fall like Kirstie Alley's waistline.   So I slack off.

I decide to eat and drink without worry and for a little bit not worry about a random nosebleed or a bruise that turns into a hemorrhage.  Just be a normal pretend healthy person. 

But that time is over for now.  Bring on the experiments and the vitamins. 

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