Monday, December 12, 2011

Starting Over

So Weight Watchers is tweaking the points plus program. 

That's the current point program.  I've been on it almost a year and lost 10% of my body weight on it.  But I've been stuck in a plateau for the last couple months. So I'm taking the advice of some of my fellow WW members and using this to 're-start.'

The main changes of this plan are to give users more flexibility in their points plus goals.  I've decided to lower mine from 30 to 27.  We're also encouraged to set activity point goals to get moving more.  Since I haven't had a good workout in 2 weeks I'm all about this.

So, I'm going with a goal of 30 activity points this week to see how I do.  It's 5 points a day, I think it's doable.  I get 10 on my normal run, when I mix in the elliptical and bike there are different values, so 30 is a nice round number.

I've cooked my lunches for the week and set my alarm for 6 am to get back into my gym routine.  Let's own this week, bitches!

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