Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Web Fun...

I write this while watching The League on Netflix Watch Instant while Molly sleeps by me.  I tried to pet her but she keeps trying to bite me. 

So instead I'm perusing my favorited tweets and picking a few to share with you dear readers.

I've been doing a lot of elliptical workouts this week.  Mainly because I was trying to finish The Book Thief for book club, that ended with me crying while reading the end of the book this morning.  Then doing ugly cry when I got to the safety of my car a few minues later.  I tell this story to show you these 45 minute full body elliptical workouts.

Also I've been dealing with an increase in my belly fat battle since I missed a series of workouts because of the plague.  I'm also blaming hormones and PMS for part of this.  So I need to add some ab moves back into the rotation.  Like these 10 moves for a flat stomach.

Now we all know I love my sweets and this holiday season has been especially hard on me.  So instead of nibbling on the fatty, sugary versions I'm going to make some of these low-sugar desserts instead.

And now Molly is growling at me in her sleep.  I should seek safety.  Do you have any helpful, intersting, ridiculous articles to share?

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