Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Excess Baggage

On a whim a few weekends ago I took every item of clothing out of my closet and storage unit in the garage and proceeded to clear stuff out and get rid of stuff I was never going to wear or didn't fit.

I had a stockpile of clothes I wore when I was at my thinnest, which was also my unhealthiest and my borderline eating disorder days.  All packed neatly in a box for the day I would one day fit more than my right calf into a size four.  All packed neatly to remind me that I used to be thinner.

So I ditched them.

I put stack after stack of jeans, skirts, pants in the garage ready for a garage sale.  Stack after stack representing months or years of judging myself, criticizing myself, and feeling like there was something wrong because my jeans didn't fit anymore.  Screw those jeans.

No, I'm not happy with how I look yet, and I may never be, but I don't need these reminders taking up room in my garage to remind me that I used to be thin (and unhappy) and now I'm fat (and happier).

I'm not going to lie.  It felt pretty empowering to ditch the baggage and the memories.

No more staring at those clothes or boxes of clothes and wondering when I'll be that size again.  If and when I get there, I'll get there.  I'm doing it healthy these days and if it takes longer, it takes longer.  I don't need those reminders.

Plus- this is an excuse for a ThinKate shopping spree!

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