Monday, May 7, 2012


Weight Watchers is big on milestones.

People get stickers for 5 pounds, bravo stickers for sharing good examples of making healthy changes and some hardware for the big miles stones.

Special sticker for 5%, key chain for 10% and a fancy charm for 25 pounds.  It seems like it took me forever but I hit that mark and then some last week.  My weigh in on Saturday put me at 26.6 pounds down total.  Almost halfway to my safe goal.

I set a goal that's not my thinnest, but seemed realistic.  I figured once I got there I could re-evaluate and decide to lose more if I want to keep going.  We'll see.

At the rate I'm losing now (roughly 2.5 pounds a week) I'll be at goal in 11 weeks.  Although I'm hoping to boost my weight loss rate at least part of those weeks.  We'll see.

I want to know what thin Kate looks like again.

UPDATE: Check out the card I got from my WW leaders to commemorate my weight loss!

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