Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Stripper lessons

In case you guys missed it, I blogged about taking striptease classes for Tasha Does Tulsa.

That blog is about my first excursion.  Great cardio, fun environment, all around fun time.

Then I went back for my 2nd class.

This time there was a different instructor and the class was much more striptease than cardio.  It was still a lot of fun, just not quite what I was expecting.

This class involved partnering up (it was all women) and trying out our routine on each other.  Awkward way to  make new friends, but hey, you've got to try everything once.

I even did a move called the Flying Peach.  That's a handstand in someone's lap, if you weren't sure.

My partner and I akwardly laughed about it, and admitted if we ever run into each other in the grocery store it will be pretty hilarious.

That being said, read my post on Tasha Does Tulsa and try one of the classes for yourself.  You never know how you're react to it... and I'm pretty sure the Flying Peach is a skill to put down on my resume.

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