Saturday, August 18, 2012

For serious.

So we all know about my debilitating autoimmune disease. 

It drains on my energy, makes me bruise like a peach and inhibits my extracurricular activities.  It's a real bitch.

Speaking of bitches, you all know about my beloved dogs, Bella and Molly.

Turns out my Molly is sick... with a dibilitating auto-immune disease.

My immune system destroys my platelets. Molly's disease, Hemolytic Anemia, destroys her red blood cells.

She's weak, exhausted, her gums and tongue, inner ear and eye tissues are white instead of pink.  Her red blood cells were 1 million, they're supposed to be 6 million.

When I got diagnosed my platelets were 300, they're supposed to be 3 million.

Like mother, like daughter.

So, Molly is on steroids (which is also the recommended treatment for me, I refuse and try alternative means) if the steroids don't help she'll need a blood transfusion and possibly a splenectomy. 

It's still touch and go, her disease has a 40% mortality rate, so we're watching and waiting and babying the baby.

She's digging her scrambled egg dinners.

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