Sunday, September 16, 2012

Food bullying?

Something weird happened to social media while I was watching the Democratic National Convention.

Comments from around the world popped up with comments about how bad Bill Clinton looked now that he's vegan and how much eating some meat would help him out.

For reference here's Bill's pic from his presidential days:

And here's a screen grab from the CNN interview he did talking about his diet change and his heart issues:

He looks basically the same now.

In that CNN interview Bill talked about his heart, he's had a quadruple bypass surgery and two stents put in and still battled high cholesterol and plaque build up, hence the diet revamp.

Just like a diabetic, Clinton had to change his diet because his body wasn't doing what it was supposed to, in his case making enough enzymes to control his cholesterol with moderate diet changes. He had to go full throttle.

As I've documented on here, I have my own cholesterol issues and the obvious autoimmune issues that forced me to make drastic diet changes.

Being in Oklahoma I'm used to getting lots of comments about not eating meat, it takes a great deal to annoy or bother me so I ignore most of it.  But it gets me thinking.

Is it OK to make fun of someone's diet or appearance because you disagree with their diet choices?

Is saying a vegan would look healthier if they ate some meat ok as long as they made the choice to not eat meat instead of being forced by health reasons?

Should we make fun of diabetics for not being able to eat sugar?

I personally could give a shit if people care that I don't eat meat or most dairy.  I don't make a fuss if I'm invited to eat someplace that I have to create my own meal (thanks, McGill's!) I don't get too annoyed when someone bites into meat in front of me and says 'mmm' pointedly.

Although I usually avoid spending time with that person again, mainly because I hate assholes.  But it's okay because I have a lot of other, better people who are conscientious about my eating habits and my reasons for those habits that I can spend time around.

This is just me, putting my random thoughts into a blog post.  I'd honestly never really thought of it as bullying, till I noticed it happening to more than just me and from all over the country.

Are food habits just another thing for people to pick on each other about?

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  1. People pick on each other for a variety of reasons. I find that it's usually because of some insecurity they have about their own lifestyle. The bigger the mockery of another person's lifestyle, the bigger the insecurity in that person's own lifestyle.