Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All By Myself...

Are you a social worker outer?  Or a solo sweater?

I'm a little bit of both.

I love taking a yoga or ab class with my ladies (Holly, Leah, Sarah, Cheena and Kathleen FTW!)

But, I hate running with another person.    It's too much pressure.

I'm a slow, plodding runner.  I like to sing along to my running playlist and when that song from "Center Stage" comes on I do jazz hands while circling the track.

If someone was running with me they'd probably think I was having a seizure or running while drunk.  For the record, I never run drunk.  Vodka makes me dance.

Plus, I feel self conscious about the parts of me that jiggle and my slow place when I run with someone that is  A) taller and B) faster than me.

You'd think that'd be motivating for me, but it's really not.  It makes me shut down and get lots of 'leg cramps' and skip my runs.

I'm an ashamed runner.  When I'm running by myself I can pretend like I'm a gazelle running through east Tulsa.  Doing jazz hands to Jamiroquai.

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