Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vacation Wrap Up

So, I've been on vacation.

In town.  Hanging out. My car crash and sick Molly took up most of my freedom with my planned trips to Taos and Minneapolis.

So, I had a staycation.  It was pretty great.  Relaxing, enjoyable, I tried new things.  I did a lot of yoga, running and napping.

Here's a bit of round up.

Mems is addicted to this cake so we went for snacks one day. Turns out Ann was besties with my Pops' mom and used to babysit my pops!

Celebrated the birth of the Veronica to my Betty.

Bought some footie pajamas.

Chilled at Guthrie Green with Molly and Andrew McCarthy's book.  I highly recommend that book.

Went to Shalomfest and ate some delicious falafel. 
Also ate this cookie that looks like a spider.
I also hung out with Mems, the dogs, the kid sis and my pals.

Now, it's back to work.  My early alarm.

I'm refreshed and ready to go.

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