Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bad Week

This week sucked.  Like royally sucked.

From daylight savings time to the stress of working in TV News on an election night, I got moody and irritable and stressed out.

I kept up my running schedule but with each progressive day the runs were worse instead of better. By Saturday when it was time for my long run I was dreading it.

So I got up early and started plugging along, but the more I ran the less I was into it.  Two miles in I decided it would do more harm than good to push myself to 5 miles when I wasn't into it. I'd just make myself hate it more.

So I finished a 5k and stopped.  I decided to re-do week 2 of training next week.  Hopefully I'll be better next week and will be more into my long run by next week.

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