Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cleansing and Yoga-ing

I started the Quantum Cleanse today.

This is the 3rd year I've started my January with a cleanse.  I really enjoying the chance it gives me to take control of my diet and health again.  It helps me get back on track and push my boundaries.

I'm a big believer in semi-elimination diets.  I used to think they were bullshit, till the first time I did this cleanse.

I literally did it the first time just to prove I could, Mems thought I'd fail and I was pretty sure I'd cave, but I made it the whole 21 days.  I felt so much better it was crazy.  I felt clearer, my platelets were better than they'd been in a long time.  I ended up staying vegan about a year after that first cleanse, eventually I gave myself back dairy.

Cutting out the alcohol, animal products, caffeine, gluten and sugar really did help my body heal itself from the damage I'd done with my too processed diet and helped my immune system get a little bit more under control.

My ITP has become infinitely more manageable since I started avoiding processed foods and meat.  That in turn has given me a feeling of more control over my health.  In fact, I went most of the year without getting sick until the end of the year when I started splurging more on my diet.

My goal with this year's cleanse is two-fold.  I am of course excited about the health benefits, but I also want to focus more on my emotional health in 2013.

I jokingly posted that 2012 was the year of empowered Kate.  I went to numerous events by myself, I enjoy my own company, almost to a fault. My facade of independence has helped me reinforce the wall I use to close my self off from challenges, from risks, from life at a times.

So, while my body goes through the 21 days of cleansing and healing my heart is going to go through some self imposed cleansing.

What are your resolutions or goals this year?

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